Wednesday, March 14, 2012

i also know how to use a hammer ( almost)


i also know how to use a hammer – kind of.  here i am busy adding coverstrips to the ink shelf.  i painted them white afterwards – you will still see the finished and ink stacked shelf! IMG_5922


IMG_5925 IMG_5923

leslie arrived this morning with her big, rolling tote behind her, announcing that she was coming every wednesday from now on to scrap, on her day off.  we told her that we were still kind of in the middle of renovating, but she insisted that she just needed a table and a friendly face.  we had loads of those!  so, she scrapped and created a stunning double page, shaker box and all, with Priscilla and Donsie’s help.  Louise also arrived early morning before running her errands, and after she had done her rounds, she also came to get her latest order of Echo Park papers ( 25% off) and started matting some photos.  they were great – they did not mind the excessive hammering, sanding and laughter!  we are slowly but surely getting there – we want to make sure everything is 100% for all our clients!  ( but i have to admit – my feet are complaining BIG time and i think we are all quite exhausted after 11 days of non-stop renovating!!!!!)  xxxx

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  1. keep up the good work .....hope to pay a visit soon xxx