Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Closer and Closer....

Last week we reported when the paperstands were empty. We have progressed! We have painted some pegboards.

We added a wheelchair ramp.

We filled boards with loads of embellishments

We filled over 32 paperstands with paper

And more paper.......

And even more paper....

Of course we had to dedicate a wall to Mr Tim Holtz.......... We are all exhausted. We are open for trade again, and apologise for the delay in any of the online orders - we just had some trouble finding stock while it was all packed up!! Things are slowly returning to normal! Watch this space for some really exciting news in the near future!!! Thanks for all the well-wishes and the visits, phone calls, emails and sms'es from all our clients wishing us well with this endeavor. We are only doing it in order to enhance your Scrapping experience, and we do hope that you will enjoy our new shop and classroom!


  1. Looks Stunning!!! Cannot wait to come visit again. Well done to everyone on making an awesome shop even better xxxx

  2. I am sure you must all be exhausted!! It is looking fantastic Cariena. Congrats on your "new" shop :)

  3. Ekke sê ook so!!!Eendag is eendag.....Dit lyk baie grand!!!

  4. Awesome, girls you have outdone yourself, now do you think you could just open a shop closer? ;)

  5. Die winkel lyk "amazing", soveel om van te kies. Ek sal MOET kom kuier.