Saturday, March 24, 2012

20 % off all Inks!!!

20% off all Inks !!!!

Today the shop was buzzing with Scrapbookers and Cardmakers.  We realised once again how important Inks are to our craft. Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Mixed Media - inks are an integral part of it!  So, how about 20% off all Inks in the the Ink Category until the end of the month!  Stock up now on your favourite inks at unbelievable prices!!

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With the Dollar/Rand Exchange prices are sure to increase, as a matter of fact we have already seen the increase in some of the products from the local Distributors.  Increasing courier costs, rising overheads and the weaker rand, all contribute to this.  At Scrapbook Studio we will always try and keep our prices as realistic as we possibly can to still stay in business and continue to provide you with the standard of service and variety of products that you have become accustomed to!!  We are, however, very aware of the fact that there might be a real increase in some of the prices of certain lines.  BUT, until that happens, enjoy the low, low prices we offer on all our products!

We had a stunning day today at the shop - as you know we have been working hard on expanding the shop and adding a new scraproom. We are basically finished - final touches are just being added.  We don't know how we managed without this Scraproom - and how we fitted all our stock as well as 12 students and loads of shoppers into the shop during peak times!!  Today we almost felt as if the shop was too small again!!  Here are some photos from today and one or two other days the past week.

IMG_5883 IMG_5931 IMG_5935   IMG_5954    IMG_5982 IMG_5987


IMG_5995 IMG_5997


So, as you can see, it has been a hive of activity the past few days!  Our wheelchair ramp also proved to be just in time - poor Louise broke her foot last Friday night, but she did not let that stop her!  She also wanted to make sure that the shop really is wheelchair friendly, and we are happy to announce that we passed with flying colours!  Amongst all of it some creativity also took place, and we saw some stunning projects being created!  Even some cards by a non-scrapper/cardmaker who just joined her friends, Cheryl and Lyn today for some scrapping!

IMG_5898 IMG_5964

IMG_5977 IMG_5973

IMG_5899 IMG_5980 IMG_5904

IMG_6019 IMG_6018

IMG_6006 IMG_6000


We hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend - we have had LOVELY rain, and we are so very thankful for that!  We have some amazing products on their way from both our local suppliers and the USA, and we cannot wait to reveal all! 

We will also be announcing our new Design Team in the next few days as well as the date of the official opening of the new store!  SO, watch this space while you craft!!


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  1. I love all the beauty that was created...and the shop looks awesome.