Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Sale....

Why would we share a photo of men outside our shop? For the simple reason to applaud them!! These gentlemen were so patient, they waited outside the shop for a very long time while their female counterparts were enjoying themselves at our annual year end sale!

There was one man inside the shop - our good friend Frans! He is a fantastic scrapper ( we have some of his work to share later) and knows a bargain when he sees one! He was one of the first to arrive at the sale ( before the doors were open) and he was very happy with his takings!

This is what it looked like outside the shop around the paperbins! The ladies were so gracious - one would look at a paper and ask the others ( if she did not want the paper) if someone else wanted it! It was quite a treat to see the ladies be so generous!!

At the till it was a bit crowded most of the day, but everyone was so patient! The shoppers who had to meet friends and family for coffee or lunch, put their bags away to come back later.

A glimpse of what was happening inside the shop. Punches, papers, storage, stickers, stamps and more were being sold at rock bottom prices. Everyone got a bargain!

These two looked for a quiet spot to sort out their papers - they had a load and were checking constantly if we had the low, low prices right! Yes, we did! We are so grateful to each and every client who supported us through this year - this is our way of giving back. Without all of you, we would not be able to bring you one of the biggest selections of brand new Scrapbook Papers and more available in the country.

We are passionate about paper - it is the foundation of our hobby, and we promise that we will endeavor to continue to bring you all the latest available locally and overseas! We have been requested by various clients who were unable to attend our sale today to please extend it - we will continue on 31 December and on 3 January 2012. After that - we promise to have loads of specials again in 2012 and if we only see you again on 30 December 2012 - make sure you save enough to stock up!!
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  1. Thanks for sharing Cariena. Hope I manage to make it to your part of the world one day, so that I can visit your shop just to say Hello and to spend a penny or 2! Happy New Year. It's amazing to see how well you're doing. I can recall our conversations when you were still thinking about buying this shop... You took the leap of Faith and God has done amazing work in your life... This was definitely the right move for you! hugs Sharon