Thursday, December 29, 2011

Donsie's Flower Class

Do you like this layout? Would you like to be able to make the flowers on this page? Yes, make them, yourself. Without the use of loads of fancy tools!!! All of these have been made from paper, by hand. And you too, can make them!!

On Wednesday 28 December Donsie taught her famous flower class again, and we had 6 ladies lined up, eager to learn how to make 7 different paper flowers from one sheet of double sided patterned paper! They were from all over South Africa - it was almost like the UN of SA!! Lol!

Minette owns Divine Scrapbooks in Pretoria, and she was happy to learn something new to take back to her clients. She got the class as a Christmas gift from her husband. We love meeting other shop owners - it is so interesting to hear how they do things, and to exchange some ideas. The Scrapbooking Industry is so small, and all the retailers have to work together to make sure that the industry is advanced and developed. It is a happy hobby!!

Here Minette is working hard at making sure the circles are lining up to all fit into her scheme of things! In front of her you can see the pink "wet" flowers and the Vellum Rose. This class is one of our most popular. We have two flower classes, in each you learn how to make more than 7 different flowers, enabling you to make over 14 different ones altogether! The class can be done in a group or on a one to one basis. The cost is R100 per person, and includes everything - you jsut bring yourself and some enthusiasm! It lasts for 3-4 hours. To book your class, email us at or phone us on 042-2932781 to book your seat!
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