Friday, August 24, 2012

How to make your own Glitter Star Elements


As promised, here is the step by step tutorial by our August DT Member Jowilna Nolte on how to make your own Glitter Elements

Making your own patterned glitter star elements

You will need

Craft sheet

2 colours of Perfect Pearls


Craft knife

White cardstock


Step 1

Decant a small amount of gold and green perfect pearls onto a craft sheet. You don’t have to measure exact amounts. To make things easier use the tip of your craft knife blade and scoop small amounts at a time to avoid wasting product.


Step 2

Spray with perfect pearls directly from above with water. Spraying from above will prevent the fine powder from blowing away from the force of the water mist.


Step 3

Add enough water so that the pearls start to mix together on their own. Do not use a tool to mix the colours together – natural processes will give you the best results.


Step 4

Press a piece of white cardstock into the mixed perfect pearls. Do not drag the cardstock over the pearls, but rather lift the cardstock an place it onto another section of pearls to lift the colours onto the cardstock. Dragging the cardstock over the craft sheet causes scratches onto the surface that really doesn’t look nice.


Finishing off

Leave the perfect pearls to dry completely. Trace any shape onto your cardstock and trim. Chalk the edges and use it on your craft projects as desired. The result is a beautiful marbled look in a couple of easy steps.

We hope you will enjoy this post and remember that you can order the base August kit with some add-ons by emailing! Have a happy Scrapbooking week and remember to do something really good for someone who does not deserve it at all! xxxxx


  1. Just I will have to get my hands dirty again...if I can just find my perfect pearls...LOL ;-)