Sunday, November 13, 2011

Technique Class

On 19 October we posted about the layout above. On the Monday we got a phone call from Nan to book the class for the layout. When I did the layout originally, I did not think of doing a class with it. But as time went on, we got even more requests! Nan booked the 12th of November. Three of them from PE would come to do the layout.

And here they all are! It was the first time most of them had misted, stamped and fuzzy cut in one layout, and it was quite an experience for them. Paul, Jenee's other half, was a very good and patient other half. He was working on his laptop the whole day, and shared the good news with us that South Africa's Table Mountain was voted the 7th Natural Wonder of the World! They all left with completed layouts and said they thoroughly enjoyed all the new techniques they learnt. Thanks for joining us, ladies! We hope to see alot more of you!
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