Saturday, August 6, 2011

to purple or not to purple..........

As scrapbookers our aim is to PRESERVE memories. We buy expensive Acid Free albums, glue, embellishments and spend hours on doing perfect layouts. We treasure our memories. We want to ensure that generations to come will be able to go through the albums and reminisce either with us, or when we are no longer, without us, but fondly thinking of us as we made these pages for them. As a retailer, we try to keep supplies to our clients as affordable as possible. We try and stock "cheaper" substitutes of expensive products to ensure that we can cater to all ends of the market. Recently, though, we have experienced problems with one of the major suppliers to the craft market's double sided tape - one of the most used products in the Scrapbooking Industry. The tape is pulling loose from the photos and cardstock it is adhered to. We have therefor decided to start stocking Purple Turtle Double sided tape, as supplied by one of South Africa's most reputable and leading Wholesalers, The Wholesaler. The tape is more expensive than the other brand, but it guarantees not to pull loose. We will still be retailing the old stock until it is finished at a reduced price, but we will not warrant that it will not pull loose. That way you, as an informed consumer and diligent Scrapbooker, can choose for yourself. You can buy the less expensive version and risk the chance that it might come loose, or you can spend a bit more and rest assured that your memories will stay put! The new tape will arrive at the shop on 15 August. We trust that you will understand that we had to take this decision in you, our clients', best interests! As soon as the issue with the less expensive tape has been resolved, we will start stocking it again. But, we will also be carrying the Purple Turtle range now on a permanent basis. Happy Scrapping and enjoy your weekend!!

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