Monday, July 18, 2011

Classes and more classes...

We had a very, very busy week at the shop last week - no less than 5 classes in 5 days!! Sjoe! Poor Donsie was classing out of her ears and Elizna also had her hands full with the ladies at the paperbag class!

Here is Donsie with 7 of her ladies at one of the 3 flower classes she had last week. Yes, Donsie had to repeat the flower class 3 times, and we think half of Jeffreys Bay now knows how to make these flowers - the list of flowers you can make just grows and grows, so soon we will have to have version 2 of the class!!

Some of the samples of the ladies' flowers. I must say, the silence that falls over the table when the girls start making their own flowers is deafening! At first there is ooh, and aaah and a buzz of noise, and then, suddenly, silence..........that's when I normally sneak up on them and go WHA!!!! Hehehehe!!

This is the paperbag album Elizna taught to 9 very excited ladies! It is a STUNNING work of art!

Paperbag ladies getting ready...........

And of course we HAVE to fill the tanks!! All that classing makes you build up an appetite!!

Remember that we will structure your own class for you, or for you and your group - tailormade. From Scrapbook Pages to cards, mixed media, colouring techniques, ink, stamping, using templates and much more! We LOVE Scrapbooking and it is our mission to prove to people that the hobby does not have to break the bank, and you can enjoy it with what you have available. Happy Scrapping and see you at our next class!

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  1. Hi Cariena, it may be a good idea for you to get Paola Levi down for a Copic workshop one holiday. Wouldn't that be something?