Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shrink Pastic Class

Well, as from 2pm this afternoon, another 9 ladies were introduced to the magic of shrink plastic, distress ink blending, coloring with Lumiere paints and much more! Donsie had her hands full with a bunch of eager students, hanging onto her lips -wanting more and more info!! Below are some snapshots!

The classroom before - all the kits and instructions neatly waiting for the students.........

The beginning...........all neat and orderly.............

Shrinking in action!! Look at Jeanette with her gloves giving Donsie a hand!

Colleen with a naughty look on her face! Very happy to have received a paper towel to clean her hands after some serious distressing!! We hope the ladies will use the new techniques they learnt to create marvelous works of art!!

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