Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentine's hat

Donsie made this STUNNING Valentine's Hat Box from 2 sheets of patterned paper and one sheet of cardstock only! What a masterpiece!

Inside the hat are all the pieces of paper that were left over that have been dressed up and embellished. This is her husband's Valentine's gift

The box as it looks when on display. We will be doing this class shortly, so watch this space for the dates!
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  1. This is absolutely STUNNING! Thanks so much for sharing. Just shows what you can create if you just put your mind to it... unfortunately I am not THAT creative. Well done!

  2. stunning Cariena... you are a clever girl... >vbg<

    I loooove this idea...

  3. Lovely hat this, would join you for a class but I'm a bit too far away!