Saturday, December 25, 2010

This is the way our clients shop..........

We love our clients. We love how they get excited with us about products. Especially when they learn new techniques and have to make sure they go back home with the important goodies.......

They have to make sure they leave the non-essential items.......but which are those? Here Annemarie from Cape Town is desperately trying to make up her mind.........can she?

Some clients arrive - whether sitting up or lying down! They will not be deterred! Izette's sister in law made the trip every day - she had a back operation and was wearing a back brace, and she could not sit. Only lie down or stand. But, miss the shopping - for nothing in the world!
At least she got a good parking spot in front of the shop most of the time!! Love you ladies!!
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  1. Cariena, thank you so much for making my friend, Izette, vacation in Jeffries extra special with your kindness. She misses you already and is full of praise about your shop.
    She had a great time.
    Your a special person.